Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ed Balls Special

I know this is a Hazel Blears blog, but I am disgusted at the way the media - with the notable exception of the Daily Mail - has buried this story:

Yes, that is Minister of the Crown Ed Balls dressed as a Nazi, next to a guy in a plastic bum. I'm all for doing silly things when you're younger, and I'm sure this in no way represents Ed Balls's politics - though obviously he's still a massive shit. But this is also the same Ed Balls who branded David Cameron "disgraceful" for daring to criticise the government's gimmicky 'school trip to Auschwitz' scheme. Why on earth is the media sitting on this story when we all know how much they lapped up the photo of David Cameron in his Bullingdon uniform? Hopefully the more blogs that advertise this story the more it will get around.

So good on the Daily Mail for running with it, and cheers to Steve Green for bringing it to my attention.

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