Monday, September 22, 2008

Bad Memory

Hazel Blears - September 21st 2008 - Labour Conference:

"We're not going to win the next election by reading lists of achievement. They mean nothing... Nor will we win by denouncing the Tories record in government, because memories are fading and people have moved on."

Hazel Blears - February 29th 2008 - Labour Spring Conference:

"A few weeks ago, David Cameron came to the Salford Lads' Club, with an entourage of Tory researchers and David Davis in tow. He wanted to have his photograph taken outside the Lads' Club, in tribute to his favourite band The Smiths. When my local Labour party found out, they were incensed - how dare the Tories come to a ward which had 80% youth unemployment when they were in power?"

"So if David Cameron pops up in a street near you, get out your marker pens and make your placard and take to the streets, because after what his lot did to our communities, they deserve a rough ride."

She's one for consistency, is our Hazel.

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