Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Old News

Yes, more non-Hazel stuff...

I'm in full agreement that something needs to be done about all this financial malarkey. What needs to be done, I don't know; hence why I used the phrase 'financial malarkey'. I was impressed with David Cameron's comments this morning, though I hope his temporarily nonpartisan approach doesn't allow Brown to get away with the problems he has caused. But I'm already disliking the rather deceitful way in which Brown and Darling have presented this protection for savings up to £50,000 as them reacting to the situation.

This was something the FSA suggested to the government back in May this year. And Darling announced his intention to implement this idea in July, with the goal of having the protection in place by the autumn or early 2009 at the latest. So really all Labour are doing is something they said they were going to do anyway. Don't be fooled into thinking this is quick and decisive action being taken - it isn't.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ed Balls Special

I know this is a Hazel Blears blog, but I am disgusted at the way the media - with the notable exception of the Daily Mail - has buried this story:

Yes, that is Minister of the Crown Ed Balls dressed as a Nazi, next to a guy in a plastic bum. I'm all for doing silly things when you're younger, and I'm sure this in no way represents Ed Balls's politics - though obviously he's still a massive shit. But this is also the same Ed Balls who branded David Cameron "disgraceful" for daring to criticise the government's gimmicky 'school trip to Auschwitz' scheme. Why on earth is the media sitting on this story when we all know how much they lapped up the photo of David Cameron in his Bullingdon uniform? Hopefully the more blogs that advertise this story the more it will get around.

So good on the Daily Mail for running with it, and cheers to Steve Green for bringing it to my attention.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Confused Hazel

According to This Is Lancashire, Hazel has been out and about in Bury; knocking on doors and talking to local people. What I don't understand though, is why she's wearing that rosette - seen in the picture. It's not a good quality image, but the type she's wearing is clearly one of these:

Now, as far as I am aware, there isn't an election on at the moment. Maybe Hazel thinks there is...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Classic Stuff

Hazel has been on Question Time tonight. I'll try to get more a exact quote from the online repeat, but for the moment my paraphrasing should do:

'I've not heard anything over the last couple of weeks on what the Conservatives plan to do about the economic problems we're facing...'

Could that be because over the last couple of weeks we've had the Liberal Democrat and then Labour conferences? Could that also be because the Conservatives have honoured the convention whereby major policy announcements are kept quiet during the conferences of other parties? Remember that convention, Hazel? It was the one Brown broke last year by trying to play politics with the lives of troops by announcing their withdrawal from Iraq in the middle of the Conservative conference.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Really, Really Bad Memory

Hazel Blears - September 21st 2008 - Labour Conference:

"We're not going to win the next election by reading lists of achievement. They mean nothing... Nor will we win by denouncing the Tories record in government, because memories are fading and people have moved on."

Hazel Blears - September 23rd 2008 - Labour Conference:

"By 2010, the 18-year going into the polling station for the first time will have been born after Margaret Thatcher left office, and just started primary school when Labour won the 1997 election. Talk about Thatcher to those teenagers, and we may as well talk about Stanley Baldwin. Or mention the Miners’ Strike, and we may as well talk about Peterloo."

2 minutes later:

"Not after the 1980s, the young people queuing for their dole, the old people dying on hospital trolleys, and the communities torn apart. David Cameron, I know all about a broken society, because I lived through 18 Tory years in inner-city Salford, and I don’t want that again for my City, my community, or my family."

Hazel not remembering what she said two days ago is bad enough, but not remembering what she said two minutes ago is even more worrying.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Not Liked

Alas, if you thought Hazel had noticed my little endeavour you'd be mistaken. No, it's much more boring than that - and not Hazel-related at all, in fact. Simply that an Estonian MEP is concerned by blogs such as mine, and has come up with proposals to stop people blogging anonymously. You can read the story here.

Well, until you do get to regulate me, Mrs. Mikko, please don't be offended if I tell you to go and fuck yourself.

Bad Memory

Hazel Blears - September 21st 2008 - Labour Conference:

"We're not going to win the next election by reading lists of achievement. They mean nothing... Nor will we win by denouncing the Tories record in government, because memories are fading and people have moved on."

Hazel Blears - February 29th 2008 - Labour Spring Conference:

"A few weeks ago, David Cameron came to the Salford Lads' Club, with an entourage of Tory researchers and David Davis in tow. He wanted to have his photograph taken outside the Lads' Club, in tribute to his favourite band The Smiths. When my local Labour party found out, they were incensed - how dare the Tories come to a ward which had 80% youth unemployment when they were in power?"

"So if David Cameron pops up in a street near you, get out your marker pens and make your placard and take to the streets, because after what his lot did to our communities, they deserve a rough ride."

She's one for consistency, is our Hazel.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hazel vs. Cleggover

When I thought about making this blog, I came up with a list of the 5 MPs I found most odious. That list was:

1. Hazel Blears
2. Harriet Harman
3. Ed Balls
4. Nick Clegg
5. Caroline Flint

So I'm all for someone taking a pop at the ridiculous Cleggmonster. He's one of those politicians who has got to his current position because he has a big mouth and projects a veneer of intelligence, and in Clegg's case this veneer is all too obvious. After all, why else would he essentially repeat David Steel's infamous gaff about the Liberals forming the next government?

In response to Clegg's claims Hazel said, "On planet Clegg they may think the ministerial cars are waiting. But in the real world, people are turning away from the Lib Dems in droves." She is presumably basing this on the latest opinion poll, which put the Con/Lab/Lib vote share on 52/24/12% respectively. But as this tidy graphic from ConservativeHome shows...

... voters don't seem to be turning from the Lib Dems and flocking to Labour instead. In fact, the vote share for both parties has dropped by the same amount, and to the benefit of the Conservatives.