Thursday, August 28, 2008

How Much Are You Worth?

£2 a day, according to Hazel Blears.

In the latest crazy scheme to come from her Communities and Local Government department, the practice of compensating people for inept council behaviour with gift vouchers and small cash payments is being considered.

According to the plans, people who are stiffed by council workmen who fail to turn up will receive £10 for the first day, and £2 for any additional days. Leaving aside the fact that if our council tax really offers such good value for money, why is there room for councils to give some of it back when they screw up?; there is a far more important point here.

And that is this. For people who work and live on their own, this is just about the most insulting idea Hazel's department could have come up with. If you are waiting for the plumber, builder or any other type of workman, you have to stay at home. You can bet money that they won't try to organise the visit at your convenience, so the majority of people will have to take a day's leave from work. So you miss out on a full day of wages, use up a day of your precious holiday leave, and all you get in compensation when the useless bastards don't turn up is barely enough to buy a half of lager and a packet of crisps.

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