Sunday, August 10, 2008


The government has £110,000 of your money. Would you like them to spend it on:

Three of these?

Or 220,000 of these?

£110,000 has been set aside by Hazel's Department for voting incentives.
'Labour - Bribing our supporters with your money.'
P.S. Yes, I'm back.


Anonymous said...

220000 donuts conditional on that every member of the government is force fed them locked in a room.
then take them into a dirty hospital where they all catch mrsa or c dif withno doctors to treat them. its the only way the silly redhead chipmonk and her loser mates will leave .
you realise of course that i would not have suggested this if BULL**** BULIMA PRESCOTT was still around as he would have eaten them all

alberich said...

Good to see you back, Raven. While the cat was away - or at least packing his case - the ridiculous Charles Moore of the Spectator announced that he was smitten.

"I met [Hazel] for the first time last week, and found her delightful. She is kind and pretty, with the attractive energy that sometimes goes with being small. She is a proper Labour person (which so few of them are)..." (23 July)

One could have dismissed this as a spasm of the male menopause and yet only last week my octogenarian father was admiring her courage, fortitude and indefatigability while Labour faces lengthen all about her. With her orange hair and purple jackets or purple jackets and orange hair, Hazel is a little ray of sunshine and nothing gets her down. I wonder if the old buzzard is finally losing it.

Daily Referendum said...

Welcome back!