Friday, July 25, 2008

Lies and Denial

Hazel's response to the Glasgow East by-election result:

"The easy thing to do in times that are tough - and times are tough - is for a party to cut and run."

This is true. However, the situation Labour are in now is one of their own doing. This isn't a case of circumstances working against them, but their own incompetence doing as such. And when you keep making mistakes, doing things wrong, and are being told left, right and centre that you're not wanted, this is a situation where you should give up and let somebody else have a go. Otherwise you're just fooling yourself and insulting the people who you serve.

"That's not the Labour Party and that's not Gordon Brown."

That's a laugh! This is the man who dithered over an election and then failed to call it when he thought he would lose. The man who wanted to greet the Olympic torch but refused to touch it; signed the Lisbon Treaty in a broom cupboard away from the cameras; and met the Dalai Lama away from Downing Street so he didn't piss off the Chinese.

"I think this election result is a very bad result for us. It's very difficult, but I think it's about the economy."

Truth followed by a lie. This is an appalling result for Labour. Losing Glasgow East would be like the Conservatives losing Tonbridge and Malling. But the whole 'it's the economy' thing is rubbish. Yes, that's part of it. But the government just doesn't seem to understand the multitude of reasons why it is hated.

"Changing faces at the top of the party is not what people expect us to do. The voters are saying that, after 10 years of a pretty good economy, that situation has changed."

Indeed not. People aren't saying change your leader; they are telling you to call and election and get out of the way. And as a final point, where she says "the situation has changed", can be recorded as Hazel officially saying the economy is in a bad state. So the next time she goes on about everything not being as bad as people are saying, she will be contradicting herself.


Man in a Shed said...

I just can't see the point in their trying to spin this.

It just makes the public bay for their blood even more.

David Cameron must think he's dreaming....

Daily Referendum said...

I'm pretty sure that Brown will be gone shortly. The grassroots now believe getting rid of him will cause less damage than him staying.

The Raven said...

Steve, I don't doubt that the grassroots and now even the unions are thinking as such. But Brown just will not go without a fight, and he has never been one to put his party above his career. If he does go, expect it to be very, very ugly.

The Raven said...

MiaS, when a party has gotten to the stage when it's almost in denial about why it's doing so badly, the game is pretty much up.

Conquistador said...

I love the economy as an issue. Whenever it's good that's Labour's doing, but if it goes down the pan Labour says don't blame me and plays the victim

The Raven said...

Indeed, those blasted global forces undermining all of Labour's hard work!