Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hypocrisy Much?

Hazel has been talking a lot about shops this week. Apparently, she wants to introduce new tests for planners when considering out-of-town supermarkets, so that independent town centre shops are not threatened. She said:

"Town centres are the hearts of our communities... I want to see our town centres and independent shops busy and thriving and I'm absolutely committed to help defend their future."

This all sounds very nice, but it has little sincerity when coming from a woman who worked in a Tesco store in order to prove how 'normal' she is. According to Hazel, it's okay to bash the supermarkets to win political points, while at the same time exploit their popularity for the sake of her own image. Moreover, a little bit of research proves her hypocrisy even more. Here is the video of her working in Tesco. As you can see, it's a Tesco Metro store, and the only one in Salford. This is a map showing its location. The store is in something called Salford Shopping City, which I gather is some sort of mall in the centre of the city. So not only did Hazel work in a Tesco, she worked in one located in exactly the sort of central location she apparently wants to see preserved for local and independent stores.

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