Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hazel Thinking Ahead?

Hazel is on what I gather to be her first international fact-finding visit. She is visiting the Indian subcontinent, including India itself, Pakistan and Bangladesh. She claims it is relevant to her current Communities brief, and has been trotting out her usual multicultural gobbledegook: "Like India Britain has a very diverse society and we have a long history of benefiting from and welcoming the talents and contributions of people from all different backgrounds."

However, it still strikes me as bizarre that she is actually doing a proper tour; she's not just visiting one country. Moreover, it's strange that she's doing it in the summer holidays. Could it be that she thinks a vacancy in the Foreign Office might soon be opening up?


alberich said...

Hazel's tour seems to be destitute of any practical point: in your three links I only picked out one concrete activity and that sounded like a turkey. "Study[ing] welfare-oriented projects" in the mother country is of doubtful relevance to helping people to participate the life of their adopted country, a need which is in any case already served by professionally managed, Lottery-funded charities.

I am admittedly one of those curmudgeons that has never quite seen the point of diplomacy, let alone pointless junkets like this. Amicable relations evolve through trade; hostile relations are managed through military intelligence. Occam's razor can be cheerfully applied to anything in between.

The Raven said...

I don't get enough posts here to have a 'post of the day'. But if I did, you sir, would win today.