Saturday, July 05, 2008

Come Off It

Hazel is positively reeling with delight that Ray Lewis, one of Boris Johnson's deputy majors, has resigned. She said "the Tory administration in London is in complete disarray", and various other things of that ilk.

But however frustrating this story is for the Conservatives, and it seems to be more of a case of Boris Johnson taking someone at his word than anything else, it pales in significance next to what is happening in Scotland. George Ryan, the likely Labour candidate for the Glasgow East by-election refused to attend the meeting at which he was expected to receive the nomination. It's hardly a ringing endorsement of either the party of the leader that a likely candidate in a seat where Labour has a 13,500+ majority doesn't want the job. Ryan has said his decision was for family reasons, but that's as likely as Gordon Brown smiling and not looking creepy. You want disarray, Hazel?

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