Sunday, June 08, 2008

Told You

I blogged back in May about Hazel hating Christmas, and how there wasn't time for a Christmas message but there was one for the Sikh holiday of Vaisakhi. Well, now a Church of England report makes the claim that the government only pays attention to other religions, particularly Islam, while paying "lip service" to Christianity. Like Hazel, I haven't read the report (I have better things to do with my Sunday), but the BBC is paraphrasing Hazel as saying that 'the claims were unfair, as ministers regularly engaged with the Church'.

In my aforementioned post, I drew attention to the non-existence of any form of Christmas message in 2007. I have now had a more detailed look in the publication section of the Communities and Local Government website, and there isn't a single specific Christmas message in the archive, which goes back to 2000. You can search the entries here. In the interests of fairness, Hazel Blears only became the Secretary of State in June 2007, but the absence of any message still highlights the government's dismissive attitude towards Christianity. Also, there is an Easter message from earlier this year, but Christmas is the big cheese of Christian holidays. There is, of course, a Ramadan message, though. It's only for 2007, but I'd be willing to bet money one will appear next year as well, whereas the Christmas message will be conspicuous by its absence.

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