Monday, June 30, 2008

Stupid Project? Hazel's There

MPs, and particularly Ministers, are busy people. When it comes to invitations to events or openings, the ratio of ones they attend to ones they reject is at least 1 to 10 for even the most minor MP. So when an MP gives time to a cause or project, it means it must be relatively close to their heart.

So it comes as absolutely no surprise that Hazel Blears is to preside over the public opening of Festival of Flight in Salford. This is a project which, according to the Manchester Evening News is about:

"... opening doors and opportunities for students who have felt excluded from the world of flight due to their race and also aims to ground stereotype views of young people from black and ethnic backgrounds."

In other words, it's about telling yet another industry that they're a bunch of racists who don't like Muslims and other minorities getting involved. Obviously this is nonsense. The aviation industry is concerned with only one thing - standards. Such is the serious nature of the job, that successful candidates are always the very cream of the crop. If this happens to mean that minority candidates are underrepresented, then so be it. I'm much happier knowing that my pilot is the best available, rather than a token. Perhaps we should deal with the real problems of religious intolerance and extremism facing the world, rather than constructing fake ones to fight here at home?


Daily Referendum said...

Here's another one from Hazel



The Raven said...

A phrase about pouring instead of raining seems to sum up Hazel's stupidity quite nicely.