Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Qwerty Hazel

The Guardian is reporting that Hazel Blears never types anything. According to a staffer:

"It was rather easy to work out what documents were lost... everyone who works for her went through their archive of sent items and looked for ones to Hazel... I have never, ever, seen Hazel type."

I know that MPs use staff to type letters, prepare documents, conduct research, and anything else that needs doing. There simply isn't time for the majority of them to do everything themselves. However, I also know that MPs do, on occasion, write letters or do things on computers themselves, particularly when it's something really significant, personal or important. So, if you've ever received a letter from Hazel thanking you, expressing sympathy, answering a question or anything else, if the Guardian is to believed, she had absolutely no hand in writing it whatsoever.

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