Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hazel in the Deep End

The government is planning to spend £140 million to encourage people to swim more, particularly the over 60s and teenagers. You can read more about the story and the money here.

Hazel Blears has said:

"More people get involved in swimming than almost any other sport. It's a great way for people of all backgrounds and all ages from across the community to come together, keep fit and have fun. This is a fantastic initiative and I am delighted to support it."

Yes, we all know what a useful tool for bringing people together swimming can be. You only need to look at lovely stories like this and this to see how people of all faiths and backgrounds love swimming with others. Then of course there's the fact that you don't need to be able to swim to be part of the Metropolitan Police's Marine Support Unit, because that would be discriminatory. Honestly:

"The MSU's selection process (which involves a swimming test) has been reviewed to ensure it does not disadvantage any sector of the police workforce. This has led to the timed element of the swimming test being withdrawn, making the test fairer."

I therefore look forward to British Airways employing blind pilots, and the NSPCC making Ian Huntley its Chief Executive.

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