Friday, June 27, 2008

Dumbness Strikes Again

I'm looking forward to hearing Hazel blather on about Labour cutting crime in Salford, because she has been the victim of two crimes within as many weeks. This time, her official car was broken into and the sat nav and a mobile phone were taken.

Might I ask what these things were doing in the car, and presumably on display? I remember once having a leaflet put on my windscreen by the police, effectively telling me that the car park I was in was a target for thieves, and that I should not have anything of value on display in my car. To be honest, this is just common sense anyway; I didn't actually need the leaflet. But the police can take things a step further. A friend of mine had his sat nav stolen once, and when he told the police that it had been in his car at the time they said it was going to be low in their list of priorities because he had brought it on himself. So, government officials who don't know not to leave valuable things in cars, and police who don't investigate crimes. What an age we live in.

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