Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blears on Davis

Let me say first of all, well done David Davis. You've done something out of principle, a concept foreign to Blears and her cabal of simpering mediocrities. Hazel had some thoughtful words:

"The Tories are plainly in disarray and confusion over the serious issue of national security. Behind Cameron's facade are the same old Tories fighting like ferrets in a sack."

How many Conservative MPs rebelled against their party on the 42-day vote? One, just one; Ann Widdecombe, in case you were wondering. How many Labour MPs rebelled against their party? 37 - more than 10%. So Hazel, which party is actually split on this issue? And a government which cannot come up with one case where longer than 28 days was necessary is the one that is in disarray.

"This forced by-election is a farce - and an insult to the voters in Haltemprice and Howden.''

Yeah, I hear people there really hate politicians with backbone, principles and honour. And David Davis has proven he has what it takes to gain the support of his constituents. He increased his majority by some 3,000 votes (to 5,116) at the last election, and got 22,792 votes in a 70.1% turnout. By comparison, Hazel Blears, in the Salford seat where a mule with a Labour rosette would win, saw her majority go down by 3,000 and only managed to get some 13,007 to vote for her in a 35% turnout. David Davis's Liberal Democrat opponent won around 17,000 votes; Hazel's challenger got just over 5,000. Davis is a fighter and a winner; Blears is a whinger and a waste of space.

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