Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hazel Hates Christmas

Because I'm such a thrilling person, I have just spent a few minutes on this sunny Saturday looking through the various speeches Hazel Blears has given as part of her role as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. And something has struck me as both odd and not in the least bit surprising. In her last published speech before the Christmas Recess - found here - there's no mention of Christmas, or the impending New Year for that matter. And in her first speech after the Recess - found here - it's a similar story; not even a bit of retrospective well-wishing.

Naturally though, Hazel managed to find time in her busy schedule to make a statement wishing all Sikhs a happy Vaisakhi. You can read it here. I hope that every Sikh in the country did indeed have a happy Vaisakhi. But why is it that you have to be part of a minority group to receive Hazel's warm words whenever you celebrate a cultural event or religious festival?

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